Landlords! Are you struggling to get rent from your tenants or maybe you’re just fed up with chasing tenants and want the hassle off your hands!

We recognise that property owners and landlords can experience significant losses in rental income if a tenant absconds from a property leaving rent arrears.

At Family Homes we offer a service that 1000’s of landlords have successfully utilised when this problem occurs. Unlike many recovery agencies, we ensure that debt recovery is undertaken in a fair, secure, legal and professional manner. Governed by a strict code of conduct in relation to debt recovery activities and the way we administer all activities and monies on behalf of clients.

Why come to us?

  • We have highly skilled debt negotiators
  • Your case will be undertaken without delay
  • We do not charge upfront fees.
  • All monies recovered on behalf of landlords are deposited in ‘Client Trust Accounts’
  • We are able to settle in whichever payment method you prefer, BACS, Cheque, Cash
  • Complete peace of mind, for you the landlord!

All it takes is one phone call to Family Homes and we will take it off your hands and ensure your rental income is recovered. We have dedicated and highly skilled staff to manage this service on a daily basis.

If you have any questions about our Debt Recovery Services please feel free to call us on 01795 47 34 34 and speak to one of our Crown Debt Recovery Property Managers.