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Is it still worth buying property at auction?

We’ve all seen the programmes on daytime TV - Homes under the Hammer and so forth – there are more and more of them popping up discussing the housing market and how buying via auction can sometimes be quite lucrative.  With all things considered – and with...

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House Prices are on the Rise – But What Will Brexit Do?

You only have to look at the various changes in the value of various properties in the UK over the past ten years to see that what we are paying in terms of investment and mortgage purchase is on the up and up.  At Family Homes, we have kept a close eye on the housing...

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Legal Action against Landlords

Your Tenancy Agreement may be your tenants' best friend and your own worst enemy. Do you use a Family Homes Assured Shortland Tenancy Agreement? If not, here are six reasons why you may be putting yourself at risk: If your agreement does not comply with...

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Handling Problem Tenants

Landlords! Are you struggling to get rent from your tenants or maybe you’re just fed up with chasing tenants and want the hassle off your hands! We recognise that property owners and landlords can experience significant losses in rental income if a tenant...

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Avoiding property damage through bad tenancies 

You will never enter into a rent agreement with the expectation that your property will be worse for wear at the end of the term.  You are within your rights to request that any tenants you allow to stay in your property treat their home with respect and...

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Becoming a Landlord

With uncertainty over pensions and interest rates on savings, many people are turning to buying property as an investment with the intention of renting it out.  Whatever the reason for wanting to become a landlord, there are some points that you need to...

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Guide to Landlords’ Grants

There are some grants available to landlords to help them with such things as installing energy efficiency measures, improving the standard of a house in multiple occupation, and renovating empty properties in areas where there is a shortage of housing. ...

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Meeting the Secretary of State for Transport

Meeting the Secretary of State for Transport It was my pleasure to meet the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP at an event organised by the MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey - Gordon Henderson MP. The Transport Secretary spoke about the Southern Train strikes, the...

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Lettings Update

As you know, last year the government announced changes in legislation to crack down on rogue landlords. The Government have confirmed that new measures will come into force on 6 April. The new measures to be implemented under the Housing and Planning Act include...

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New Family Homes blog

Welcome to my first Family Homes blog. I will be writing a new blog every few weeks focused on the property industry. As a business, Family Homes provides a range of property related services which includes lettings, sales, tenancy and landlord services and property...

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